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Flydrive the U.S.A  click for a gallery of Flydrive birds

The USA is a perfect place to take a birding holiday and a 'flydrive' is an easy way to get around and see plenty of colourful birds.  There are many reserves and refuges throughout every State and all are usually within easy reach of many reasonably priced hotels and motels.

This talk visits mainly Florida and California and looks at birds from the Everglades National Park right up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

With over 500 species on the State list, Florida is one of the most popular birding destinations in the Western Hemisphere.  In this talk, all 6 species of heron are shown ranging from the Great Blue down to the Green Heron which is the smallest.  Also included are several egrets, ibises and other waders.    

Chipping Sparrow


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Cactus Wren - Flydrive USA

California is another favourite birding destination with more varied natural habitats and over 620 bird species.  The regions extend from Death Valley, at 282 feet below sea level, the lowest point in contiguous United States, up to the highest point, Mount Whitney, at 14505 feet.

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