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Breeding Birds of Shetland

The Shetland Isles are about 100 miles north of the mainland of Scotland in the cool waters of the northern North Sea and are the northernmost part of the British Isles.

Shetland consists of about 100 islands and extends 70 miles in length by 36 miles in width.  They are extremely rugged and windswept with the highest point,  Ronas Hill,  only reaching 1475 feet

There are 2 entirely separate talks on the Breeding Birds of Shetland



Part 1 The first talk shows close up shots of the breeding activities of most of the terrestrial species including waders.

There are three Schedule I species shown - Whimbrel,  Merlin and Red-throated Diver as well as Ringed Plover,  Golden Plover,  Dunlin,  Wheatear and many others.


Part 2 This is an entirely separate talk from Part 1 and shows the breeding activities of Shetland's seabirds and other species closely associated with the sea.

Bonxies, Arctic Skuas, terns and gulls are all shown in close up detail.  Also shown are auks, Gannets, Shags and the closely related Cormorants.

Bonxie - Shetland

Redshank - Shetland Ringed Plover - Shetland
Some of Shetland's birds are in serious trouble with their breeding numbers in steep decline.   Each year less and less are breeding successfully and there is great concern for their future.

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